Annual Accounts

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Annual Accounts

Most businesses need to prepare annual accounts, we can help you meet the necessary requirements whether you are a limited company or unincorporated business.

Annual Accounts

We can prepare and produce a set of accounts, no matter how small or large your business is. Whether this be from a bag of receipts you hand to us once a year, or we work on the bookkeeping financials that have been prepared in accounting software.

We use our software to prepare them whether you have a statutory obligation as a limited company or a sole trader. We then use these accounts to calculate your business or your personal tax liability.
Once prepared, we would suggest a meeting to discuss our findings and go over the accounts together to make sure you fully understand them.

For Limited companies, once the accounts are signed, they are then submitted to Companies House and to HMRC along with the CT600 tax return.

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Empowering Your Business

Where possible, we will try to produce your accounts and tax return within a short time frame after your financial year-end. We feel by doing this, we can then give you the information you will need to make business decisions quicker.  You will also know your tax liability early so you can prepare to pay that tax in advance rather than being given last minute notice.

As part of our accountancy charge, we include a tax planning meeting 1-2 months prior to your year end so we can discuss the business finances to date and plan effectively for the year end for tax purposes. These meetings will hopefully benefit not only the business but the owner/directors as well.

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